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  • What is encaustic cement tile ?
  • What is encaustic terrazzo?

Encaustic cement tiles are hand-made, aesthetic tiles with many colored patterns used for floor and wall coverings.  Our tiles are made with two layers: The first layer (about 5-10mm thick) is a mixture of white cement, pigment, stone powder and additives which is hand-poured into divider mould to create desired patterned. The second layer is made of grey cement and sand to ensure the strength of tiles.

Encaustic terrazzo tiles are made as the combination of traditional encaustic cement tile and terrazzo tile. In encaustic terrazzo, small natural stone chips are used on the surface to create a special look. Other type of decorative chips, such as mother-of-pearl, glass chips,… can be used to enhance the beauty for tile products.

In encaustic terrazzo tiles, as there are decorative chips in the patterns, the lines of patterns are not as sharp and smooth as in encaustic cement tiles.

Another difference between encaustic terrazzo tiles and encaustic cement tiles is that encaustic terrazzo tiles have to go through grinding-polishing process which makes the decorative chips to be exposed on the surface.